Sketch Consults

Sketch consults are simple, not to scale sketches of design possibilities. We take rough black and white sketches done on site, add color and notes and send them to you for discussion.

They can often be used as plans for removing lawn in typical suburban front yards - in this case, you get one design with a plant list instead of multiple options. 

Use sketch consults to:


Sketch consults are a fun way to visualize, but they're nowhere near as accurate as plans done from new site measurements (or professional surveys). Since they’re not to scale and don’t have dimensions, they not as easy for contractors to lay out as scaled plans.

So, if you're looking at doing something extensive and transformational, please take a look at our technical drawings and sets.


Plans and notes furnished with sketch consults are conceptual and schematic. They are not to scale and are not released for construction.

If you choose to build from a sketch consult, please verify all dimensions, material quantities, elevations and feasibility before you start (or have a qualified contractor do this for you).

Remember to call dig alert before you excavate anything!