We offer different levels of plans. Some are just for visualization, featuring scaled plans combined with perspectives showing the proposed concept (or concepts). Others focus on developing a single concept, then moving it into construction plans so you can get it built. For those who want to spend a bit more time on the design process, we can prepare detailed concepts that transition into construction plans. For those wishing even more complete services, we offer customized services with much more personal attention.

Plan packages

We group plan sets to better match your needs. Some people want to review several concepts at a more detailed level than with a sketch consult. Others want to see once concept developed quickly so they can get construction drawings and bids. Some wish to do both. Others don’t want any limits, able to spend as much time as they want developing their concept and looking over all the details.

Plan Set A: multiple detailed concepts

These conceptual sets start from either a professional survey or a CAD base plan developed from site measurements. Each concept has an illustrated plan to scale, plus several perspective drawings to show what that concept will resemble.

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Plan Set B: one concept, no illustrations

Just the plan and its accompanying notes. No alternate concepts, no perspective drawings to start. Once the concept has been approved, you get a detailed set of construction plans from which you can build your new landscape.

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Plan Set C: multiple concepts with illustrations + construction plans

This set combines A and B, for more involvement in selecting and refining a concept. The concepts are the same as in the A set. The construction plans are the same as in B.

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Luxury Design Services: no limits

Where the other sets have limited plans, limited revisions and a fixed number of meetings, luxury design services do not. These services are designed for those who want ongoing, more constant involvement: HOA submittals with samples and renderings, multiple revisions, unlimited meetings, ongoing involvement on the design and construction team, illustrated site meeting documentation… basically anything that will help ensure a smooth design and construction process.

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