Luxury Landscape Design Services

Explore design options for large estates, custom homes and upscale residences with design options using plan and perspective drawings, prepare plans for bidding, remain involved during the construction process. Design custom features and coordinate with material suppliers on design issues.

Complete & unlimited design services...

If you want to spend time on the design, have us constantly involved all through the construction process, make unlimited revisions, this is for you. It's the most expensive way to design, but if you want to plan something magnificent it's the best way to have us involved in every detail of the project. This is where we can design custom tile or other elements, meet with fabricators, artists, anyone you designate.

This is an option after an A package, where the package serves to narrow down the design.

Our services at this level are billed on an hourly basis not to exceed a specified amount without written authorization.

Please contact us if you would like more information. 

These services include:


Please note that we cannot not provide the following services, although we can interface with the professionals providing them: engineering, building the design (construction), or services requiring a licensed surveyor.  We are not licensed to perform these services ourselves.